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For only 39.99, you will receive the latest version of The Ultimate EBook which includes all of these eBooks (even an eLibrary with over 6,000 titles) - 52 eBooks in all.


You can sell these as a package or individually. All have FULL RESELL RIGHTS.


1. Self-publish at the Speed of Thought Value: 9.97
by Wayne Perkins & Tom Hua (December 2000)
Best Selling Title from

Learn how to self-publish with a best selling eBook author and self-publisher.

This eBook will walk you step by step through writing your first eBook and then present free resources and marketing plans that will allow you to market your eBooks using the same free resources that helped the author publish 3 eBook bestsellers and 2 print on demand best selling titles at
2. Million Dollar Emails Value: 17.00

Learn how one single Email made 94,000+ in 24 hours. This ebook reveals the secrets behind the most successful email campaigns. The greatest collection of moneymaking emails ever. This new resource reveals the insider secrets these top Internet pros are using to create a fortune online with email marketing. Over 215 pages with the actual emails that produced well over 1,000,000 in sales.
3. A Cheap And Easy Guide To Self-publishing eBooks Value: 24.97
by Wayne Perkins & Tom Hua (December 2000)
Best Selling Title from

This eBook is a complete guide that gives step by step instruction on how to publish your eBooks. It includes where to find the most up-to date marketing information, how to sell eBooks without "talking and selling" anyone. This eBook includes many marketing techniques that require no marketing budget. It also teaches you how to negotiate eBook publishing contracts from your computer at home.

4. eBay Marketing Value: 24.97
The Latest eBay Marketing Course

Receiving over 1.5 billion page views per month, eBay is the ULTIMATE auction site. This eBook is easy to understand and provides detailed instructions for maximizing your profits with SECRET selling strategies.

This book is based on eBay auctions, the information will work for ALL online auctions. You'll learn PROVEN SELLING TECHNIQUES that you can use to bring in thousands of dollars selling his products on internet auctions.

5. Classified Ad Secrets Value: 19.97

This eBook will show you the secrets to writing and making money with classified ads. You'll also get:

Bonus # 1 - A complete State-By-State list of classified ad sources where you can advertise your ad all over the USA at great prices.

Bonus # 2 - Classified Ad Blaster - Using free software and our easy-to-use interface you can submit your classified ad to hundreds of online ad sites in minutes. Our Classified Ad Blaster is the quickest way to post your classified ad online.
6. Credit Secrets Value: 24.97

This eBook is JAM PACKED with EXCELLENT information that would be useful to anyone - not just those with bad credit.

Improve your credit rating WITHOUT losing any good credit. It's LEGAL, and best of all.. it's FREE.

7. Wholesale Sources Value: 24.95
This is a HUGE Wholesale Source Guide. Find over 1,000,000 top quality brand-name products. You will have access to thousands of wholesale sources. Distributors, Vendors, and Liquidators are listed by region. Dropship sources are also provided - you don't have to hold any inventory. You take the orders & the distributor ships out the product.

If you or your client sell on the Internet, mail order, flea markets, or just want to buy products yourself at wholesale prices, you'll profit from this eBook.
8. The Ultimate eLibrary

This eLibrary has over 6,000 eBooks, Reports, Software, Free Services, Free Web Space, Free Games, Free Screen Savers, Free eCards, Free Chat Rooms ... and more. There's too much to list - e-mail me if you would like a complete list). You will generate hundreds of files and reports. Choose what you need, then download one by one and try them out as you go.

9. Professional Cover Creation Tutorial Value: 34.95
by Tom Dahne, a Software Genius from Australia

Until March 2001, this package has never been sold for less than 34.95. have created many beautiful eBook covers and software box graphics with this software. You can do it too.

This interactive learning software will help you create professional eBook covers. If you are serious about selling eBooks online this is the software for you. Some websites are charge as much as 99.00 per eBook Cover they design. Why pay someone else to create eBook covers when you can design professional eBook graphics in just minutes?

10. 1001 Newbie-Friendly Tips Value: 29.00
by Bob McElwain

This eBook has 1,001 tips, practical ideas, and up-to-date information for entrepeneurs who are new to selling online.

This simple, concise book gives you all the information you need to build a business online. Maximize your profits with successful, proven strategies.
11. Autoresponder Magic Value: 17.00
by Yanik Silver

Put Your Web Site's Sales On Autopilot.

This is an IMMENSE Collection of Effective Autoresponder Messages to Model, Copy and Swipe. Autoresponder Magic is a new ebook that provides the most persuasive autoresponder messages ever written. Check out Yanik's site at for more information.
12. Internet Cash Machines. Value: 14.97
by Allen Says

In just 4 Simple Steps you can create your own Internet Cash Machines. Master Marketer Allen Says of the Internet Marketing Warriors has used this system for the last 5 years to sell hundreds of thousands of dollars in products and services.

You can, too. This is the eBook that has the internet buzzing.
13. The Internet Marketers Secret Guide Value: 19.97

This eBook has NO reseller links. No paid endorsements and the Best Information. Based on years of research on the Internet, you can find out what the experts are currently using to market their online businesses.
14. eBook Cover Templates Value: 19.95

Over 120 eBook cover and Software box templates ready to add your own wording and graphics. Create images for your information products in just minutes. Use the images for yourself or sell them to others.
15. Free Targeted eZine Ad System Value: 29.95
by David A. Eck

This eBook shows you how to place hundreds of free ezine Ads. Target your audience and get unbelievable traffic for free. The system was created specifically for Internet businesses. The creator selected eZines targeted to people interested in new business ideas, opportunities, products and services. eZine advertising is the most direct and powerful method of marketing on the Internet today.
16. The Complete Guide to Building Your Own Web Site Value: 20.00
by Quentin Brown

Learn to build your own website. This interactive eBook gives you the tools and resources you need to have a professional website in the fastest time possible. You will learn the different aspects of web page design, such as backgrounds, formats, graphics, tables and much more.

17. Cash Flow eBusiness Value: 49.95
by Robbins Publishing Group

Here is a concise and effective ebook that will teach you low cost (even free) marketing techniques. Learn proven strategies for promoting and marketing your business, on or off the Net.
18. Your eBook Daily Marketing Plan Value: 22.95
by Wayne Perkins & Tom Hua ( December 2000)
Best Selling Title from

This is a detailed daily eBook Marketing Plan designed to help you to market your eBooks on-line in just 4 weeks. In 3 marketing activities per day you will get great results in 60 days or less.
19. The Complete eBay Auction Marketing eCourse Value: 29.00
by Robbin Tungett

This eBook was written and compiled by the staff of I.M.A.G.E.S. International Marketing And Global Entrepreneurial Services. It is easy to understand, explains the process step-by-step.. ANYONE can learn this.
20. iNet Success (INTERNET MARKETING eBOOK) Value: 9.99
by Virtual Notions
New Version: Updated July 4

This is a quick, no-frills guide to earning money on the internet. In a compact, "checklist" style, you will get the explanations and the "features to look for" in many internet-marketing issues: affiliate programs, banners and banner exchanges, website-hosting services, reciprocal links, publicity, traffic analysis, communities, and much more. That "checklist" style gives hundreds of quick guidelines for successful marketing in all kinds of online advertising.

21-59. And...You'll also receive: Living off the Net (New), Working with ClickBank (New), 61 Sales Boosting Stealable Articles (New), Publishing eBookOMatic (New), Shop Safely and Save (New), Pay Per Click Commando, Millionaire Marketing, Online Business Basics, Greatest Internet Marketing Secrets, Magnetic Internet Power Marketing, The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Starting a Web Site, Totally Free Web Resources, Practical DotCom Business, eBook Submitter, Unlimited Profits, Increase Auction Profits, 7 Secrets To Unlimited Traffic, The Magic Story, Scientific Advertising, Magic Letters, How to Start Your Own Traffic Virus, 101 Businesses You Can Start Online For Little or NO Money, How to Write a Business Plan, A Basic Guide to Exporting, U.S. Constitution, The Best of Web Gold, On Line Stealth Marketing, The Best Of Dr Kevin Nunley, Aesop Award Submitter, and Marketing Warriors Tips.


Plus...Exclusive information on:

  • How To Understand Windows Error Messages
  • 15MB Free Hosting with Absolutely NO Ad.
  • Reproduce Any Color you see on your screen with 100% Accuracy.
  • Domain Name Registration for as low as 6.95 p.a.
  • Your own hosting Company for only 14.95/month.
  • Free URL Redirecting Service with Absolutely NO Ad.
  • Hosting 10, 20, 30 even more Domains with one account (for as little as 2.00/month each domain including Domain Registration).
  • 2 Free eBook compilers/builders with no restrictions.
  • Huge 300MB hosting package with all the extras, get paid to refer others.
  • Protecting your web images from being copied with one line of simple scripts anyone can do.


The Ultimate eBook: $39.99

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